BMO’s Big Adventure

I know it’s been a while! The BMO project has been alive and well all this time but I’ve just been too busy to post much. However, I will post the latest build here. It will probably be a three part post because there is a lot of new stuff. In the meantime I would like to share one of BMO’s adventures with you….


I received an email from the Adventure Time producer, Kelly Crews.  She asked if it was possible to get a BMO which she wanted to give as a birthday present to Pendleton Ward. The answer, of course, was yes. The lead time was a bit short, only 6 weeks. Fortunately I had two currently at the tail end of fabrication. We decided to customize it for Penn. Niki Yang provided some new BMO lines specifically for Penn’s BMO. BMO would sing Happy Birthday and introduce Penn’s favorite game, Space Invaders 2.

Cartoon Network in Burbank California

Cartoon Network in Burbank California

We arrived at CN with two BMOs. One for Penn and one for the cast and crew to play with. The party was scheduled for a Tuesday which is recording day so most of the voice actors were there. Penn’s Mom made a special trip out for the party as well.

Penn's Cake

Penn’s Cake








Kelly had a special cake made. One of Jake’s kids.  After Penn opened his present, BMO immediately sang Happy Birthday and present Penn with a Finn Cake.

Penn played a game of Space Invaders 2 (or deluxe depending on the version you remember).

Pendleton Ward playing BMO,

Pendleton Ward playing BMO

Afterwards Penn signed my BMO (I never did run into him at ComicCon).


And BMO got to meet his favorite person, Niki Yang. BMO was pregnant at the time.


Penn was more interested in the smaller MO’s: CMO, XMO, and uMO.


GoMO took a picture of the crew.


Us with the Kelly Crews and her team before we left the BMOs at their new home.


Since then, two more BMOs have made the trip. One for Niki Yang and a Football for Kelly.

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