BMO 3.0 and Family

bmo14BMO 3.0 finally made his debut at San Diego ComicCon 2014. Not just him, but the rest of his family, GoMO, CMO, XMO, and uMO and a few others. GoMO is the most recent feature added to BMO. He is a retractable camera module based on the Raspberry PI camera. BMO snapped pictures of his adoring fans as they snapped pictures of him. You can check out all the action on my Twitter feed.

The MO FamilyMeet BMO and CMO and the rest of the family, GoMO, XMO, and uMO. BMO and CMO are characters from Adventure Time. GoMO is somewhat of a character. If you are familiar with BMO’s BFF Productions you will remember “BMO is camera!”. Instead of embedding an actual VHS camera in him I created GoMO which is built from a RaspberryPi camera board and raised an lowered with a servo. XMO, and uMO are characters I dreamed up. The idea for those two came from the question “How small of a MO can you make?” Answer: uMO (micro MO) which contains a 0.96″ OLED display which can play video. XMO is slightly larger and uses a 1.44″ LCD backlit display.

Details on the construction of each MO will be posted soon…



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11 Responses to BMO 3.0 and Family

  1. Gaston says:

    What software did you use to make it work well?

    • admin says:

      There’s a lot of different software. BMO runs Raspian OS with a custom C++ and Python wrapper to control him and the animations. The smaller MO’s run 4D Systems embedded display.

  2. Frank says:

    I really want to know what did you use to build xmo and umo

  3. evan says:

    plz help me i need to know how u made the face videos like when beemo says, “who wants to play video games”. plz get back to me ASAP.

  4. Jesse Grillo says:

    Hey i know you’ve probably been getting this question a lot but i’d really like to know eh. you’d be able to sell some of these because it’s near christmas time and this is all my son talks about please let me know as soon as you can

  5. Brishen says:

    This is MATHMATICAL!

  6. eiektra says:

    is your product merchandises available to be purchase as a whole complete package deal because interested and intrigued to buy it because my children’s loves BMO adventure time character especially?

  7. please says:

    How did you make the buttons work? Teach how the GOmo did it, please? Teaches how the whole Bmo did

  8. Gareth says:

    Fantastic achievement, cant wait to make my own BMO. Could you create a more up to date guide on the most resent model and make the BMO OS available for download? Even if its not finished I think a lot of people would love to test it.

  9. Stewart says:

    Hi I’m just wondering if it would be possible to pay you to make a bmo and send it to the uk just wondering because I’m a big fan of adventure time and would like my own bmo thanks

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