BMO’s Big Adventure

I know it’s been a while! The BMO project has been alive and well all this time but I’ve just been too busy to post much. However, I will post the latest build here. It will probably be a three part post because there is a lot of new stuff. In the meantime I would like to share one of BMO’s adventures with you….


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BMO 3.0 and Family

bmo14BMO 3.0 finally made his debut at San Diego ComicCon 2014. Not just him, but the rest of his family, GoMO, CMO, XMO, and uMO and a few others. GoMO is the most recent feature added to BMO. He is a retractable camera module based on the Raspberry PI camera. BMO snapped pictures of his adoring fans as they snapped pictures of him. You can check out all the action on my Twitter feed.

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BMO 2.0: Better Late Than Never

bmo25Ok, it’s been way too long since I posted about BMO 2.0.

He made his first appearance at Comic-Con San Diego in 2013 but a slew of other projects kept me from posting (which was wrong). I did get a lot of emails and tried to answer questions as quickly as possible but it’s time to actually post something…

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Comic Con 2013 and BMO 2.0

BMO 2.0 made his debut at ComicCon 2013. I didn’t have time to post the details of his construction because of the deadline. I will have pictures and video soon. If you have pictures you would like to share or any questions, just email me at


Some details of BMO 2.0

  • Full sound and video
  • Custom facial animations
  • Wireless remote
  • Raspberry Pi CPU board

Stay tuned…

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BMO: Part 3, Finishing

Finally it’s time to finish BMO. The first challenge was to find out what exactly BMO’s color really is. In the show he seems to take on some shade of green. Just doing an image search on “BMO” should give you a fair sampling of the shades. It looks like the variations are due to the artist shadowing BMO. I didn’t want to mix my own color because I just wanted to get a can of spray paint. A trip to the hardware store resulted in very few “BMO” colors.

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BMO And McKayla Are Not Impressed

Sorry, I just had to do it…….

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BMO: Part 2, The Body

Welcome to part 2 of Build Your Own BMO. In the first part we discussed the display which is a cannibalized digital picture frame. In this part we will go over the design and construction of BMO’s case.

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BMO: Part 1, The Display

The first hurdle when designing BMO was selecting a display for the face. Without a face, BMO isn’t much fun. The first idea considered was to use an old iPhone 3 that I had laying around. It was self contained and I thought that would be the easiest display to use. The problem with the iPhone is that it is kind of small and since the final size of BMO depends on display size, I would wind up with a small BMO. Plus the aspect ratio is wrong. BMO seems to look best with a 4:3 ratio. You can simply cover some of the display to make a 4:3 ratio but that will give BMO too much bezel on the sides. Continue reading

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Comic-Con 2012

Hello! Just got back from Comic-Con 2012 which was crazy.There were so many enthusiastic Adventure Time fans taking pictures with our BMO (and they all knew what time it was). BMO even made it into the Cartoon Network interview booth so keep your eyes open during the Cartoon Network 20th Birthday celebration.

As promised, we will be posting the construction details for our BMO. It’s not too complicated, it’s basically a re-used digital picture frame, but a lot of people expressed an interest in building their own, thus BYOBMO (Build Your Own BMO).

Stay tuned…

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